Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Farewell and Thank You to Mr. T --- and Forward with New Director Tim Doyle and the Whole SMAS Community!

After twenty years of service to our school as Director, "Mr T" - Larry Teshara, has retired.

Altogether, he worked for our school district, the San Mateo Union High School District, for fifty years - the last twenty years at our school.

Mr. T knew how to bring a laugh
A few snapshots of Mr. T in action:
With Students, with Santa, at Graduation

Mr. T was always ready to help with good advice, a ready smile, and a funny joke.  He loved to celebrate our successes, our talents, our contributions.

Mr. T at Graduation
celebrating student success

Mr. T at International Night -
celebrating our diversity
Mr. T at International Day with a student and Teacher Caroline

Mr. T understood the value of building good relationships.  He encouraged staff and students to work together.  He invited people - community members, elected officials, and journalists - to visit our school and see us in action. 

Mr. T receiving recognition from retired Assembly Member Mullin
and State Senator Jerry Hill

Mr. T with
Congress Member Jackie Speier
and her mother, Nancy Speier,
who taught at our school for many years.

To honor and celebrate his leadership and contributions, there were many events.  The San Mateo Union High School District organized a special luncheon. 

Mr. T with the Student Leaders
Cristina, Lupita, and Sayaka
and Teacher Lisa

Laetitia, Elizabeth, Cheryl, Guillermo, Lisa and David
at the Retirement Luncheon for Mr. T

At our Poplar Campus, Stefanie Wright organized a special "Mr. T Day."  Staff and students presented him with memories for a special scrapbook.  They sang him a special song written by Teacher Mary Weng.  And they wore his photo on their chest.   Teacher Patricia played the accordion in the morning.  Both morning and evening students celebrated.

Students said, "Hip, Hip, Hooray!" for Mr. T

Student Council President Lupita
with her Mr. T sign

Staff  told Mr. T how much they valued and appreciated him.

Staff thanked Mr. T - and they led the special song.
Teacher Patricia played her accordian

Students with signs

Students with signs and special pages for the scrapbook

Assistant Tim Doyle will be our new director.  He went through a rigorous application process.  Tim has been a great Assistant Director and we are very happy he will be our new Director.   Tim started at San Mateo Adult School as an ESL teacher.  Then he became the Coordinator for the ESL program.  He has worked at the school for almost thirty years.  Mr. T encouraged Tim to go to school to become an administrator.  Now he is taking Mr. T's position as Mr. T retires!

New Director Tim Doyle
San Mateo Union High School District
Superintendent Kevin Skelly
Mr. T left a great legacy of building strong relationships at our school and in the community.

We will continue that legacy while we build a new one under the leadership of Tim and with the assistance of Eric Saavedra, our Assistant Director, and the staff and students of SMAS.

Our school continues because we are a strong community.  We work together.  We value education and each other.  We know that, "You never know what you can do until you try!"

Forward!  - with kindness, community, and courage!

Evening ESL Students with Mr. T

Song for Mr. T Day

written by Teacher Mary Weng

(Sung to the tune of "Oh, My Darling!"

Our director, our director
Our, director, Mr. T
You're retiring on the 20th
Leaving a great legacy

We will miss you at the Adult School
All the students, staff, and crew
You'll be sitting in your lounge chair
And we'll be here missing you

You'll be traveling around the globe
Making memories far and wide
We will follow in your footsteps
And continue on with pride

(Repeat first verse)

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

SASS Success

Our school is part of a Regional Consortium - a group - that provides Adult Education to the people of San Mateo County.  The name of our Regional Consortium is ACCEL. 

One of the other Adult Schools is ACCEL is Sequoia Adult School in Redwood City.

Sequoia Adult School has a special organization to help their students go on to college.  The name of the organization is Sequoia Adult School Scholars.  Recently, one of our own San Mateo Adult School students, Mario Dominguez was helped by SASS with a college scholarship.
Read about SASS success here:

Record number of SASS students honored at Cañada graduation 
On May 27th, fifteen SASS students received a degrees or certificate from Cañada College, up from seven students a year ago.  
SASS grads 

Three students received Associate degrees and will transfer to four-year universities. Katherine Ramirez will study economics at UC Berkeley, Karen Velazquez will study psychology at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and Viridiana Yengle will most likely attend Cal State East Bay to get her special education credential. 

Katherine Ramirez 
Viridiania Yengle
Silvia Gomez is the first SASS student to earn a certificate in medical assisting. In addition, 11 students received PASS certificates. This certificate signifies that a student has completed all required Cañada College ESL classes as well as English 100, a college-level class that counts for credit at the University of California. These students can now start taking classes to prepare them for their chosen careers.   

Special thanks to the Palo Alto Community Fund and the Henrikson Family Foundation
We want to extend our appreciation to the Palo Alto Community Fund and the Henrikson Family Foundation for choosing SASS as a 2017 grantee. This spring SASS supported more than 180 students in community college and provided 54 students with tutors. SASS's continued growth would not be possible without supporters like these.  

Leadership Opportunity

Interested in Leadership and Community Involvement?
Join the 2017 -2018 Community Advocates Leadership Academy (CALA) and transform your passion into vocal and effective community advocacy. CALA is a competitive 10-month training program that empowers both new and experienced community change-makers to make Silicon Valley more healthy, sustainable, and socially just. Classes start September 2017. Join CALA to collaborate, learn new skills, and maximize your impact! For more information and to apply, please visit:
Teacher Stephanie can answer questions and help you with the application.  
Scholarships are available.
Strengthen your leadership skills and learn with other change-makers to make a greater impact. The Community Advocates Leadership Academy trains people who are working locally to make a difference on the environmental and social challenges of our time.
Participants meet one Saturday a month for half day classes in rotating venues throughout San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Classes explore influencing electeds, leadership practices, goal setting, and more.
Scholarships available. We welcome anyone interested to apply regardless of financial means.  Scholarships made possible thanks to the financial support of Google, San Mateo County Health System, and Committee for Green Foothills’ members.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Join the Parade!

Join San Mateo Adult School
as we march in the Spring into Summer Parade
paradePoster.jpgSaturday, June 10th
Meet at 9 am in the
Franklin Templeton Investments Parking Lot
960 Park Place, San Mateo.  
Enter from Yates Way or Park Place off Saratoga Drive.
Our School is Unit Number 23 in the Parade.
Look for Marina and Pam - Parade Leaders.
Wear Red!  Maybe your Adult Education Matters shirt if you have one.
Bring a shaker or tambourine if you have one.  No horns!
Wear comfortable shoes.  Parade route is one mile.

Children six and over welcome to march with us.

If possible, sign up in Room 28 - but come even if you can't sign up!
Come have fun, make new friends, and show the community that
Adult Education Matters!  Our message will be:
Grow Your Skills with San Mateo Adult School!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

SMAS Makes Global Positive Impact

A big thank you to former SMAS student and volunteer Ayako Ueda for sharing this powerful report.

SMAS is impacting the world!

Hi everyone! I am Ayako Ueda, a former student who returned to Japan three weeks ago, after studying at SMAS for two years. It was very sad to leave this wonderful school, but I am happy now because I have found strong connections between former SMAS students who live in my county.

Ayako and Nami in Japan
Teacher Vasyl introduced me to his former student Nami, who studied at SMAS more than 20 years ago. She shared her experiences of trying to find a way to use her English skills in Japan. She has been helping me to find my future path by providing her rich resources, such as information on volunteering opportunities, international friendship groups, and career options. I think it is a great idea to build a SMAS network even outside of the US because we can help each other by sharing our experiences.

Two days after meeting Nami, I had a surprising encounter. I took an English cooking class in Tokyo, and I met another SMAS student, Terue, who attended this school 15 years ago. We became friends immediately, of course. She worked as a coordinator for student exchange programs until recently, and when she noticed I was interested, she even gave me the contact of her former office.

It is a small world, in a good way. The experience at SMAS gives a life-time impact on many students. It opens our heart to the world, and then we seek for our dreams to contribute to the world in different places, even long after leaving the school.

Terue asked me, “Do you know the phrase posted in Room 20?” I answered, “Of course! It’s my favorite. You never know what you can do until you try!” She said, “That phrase have helped me a lot. So I share it with my exchange students to encourage them when they leave for their host countries.”

Yes, SMAS is making a huge impact on the world.