Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Meet Anne Adamson, Our New Executive Director of ACCEL

Meet Anne Adamson, Our New Executive Director of ACCEL

Anne Adamson is the new Executive Director of ACCEL, our Regional Consortium.   Adult Education for California is now divided into regions.  Each region has a consortium - a group of Adult Schools and Community Colleges - working together to provide Adult Education to that area.  In this way, everyone can think about the special needs and strengths of each area.
Anne is the first person to have this new job of Executive Director.  Until now, our Director Mr. T and Assistant Director Tim helped to run ACCEL.  Now they are free to focus on our school.
Anne will look at the big picture of Adult Education in San Mateo County.  She will visit all the schools and colleges that provide Adult Education and help them create pathways to success for adult learners.  
ACCEL Schools
Jefferson Adult School in Daly City near Serramonte Shopping Center

San Mateo County
La Costa Adult School  on the Western Coast of San Mateo in Half Moon Bay
Sequoia Adult School - in Redwood City near El Camino Real
South San Francisco Adult School - in South San Francisco
CaƱada College - in the countryside of San Mateo County, near Redwood City, off 280 
College of San Mateo - in the hills of San Mateo, near 280 and 92
Skyline College - in the hills of San Bruno
She will meet with staff and students to understand each school.  Each school has something special to offer.
She will put all the pieces together to understand how to lead ACCEL and provide the best Adult Education possible in San Mateo County.
Before She Came Here
Before Anne became the Executive Director of ACCEL, she worked as Academic Dean at Santa Barbara Business College in Santa Maria, on the Central Coast of California. Before that she was the Dean and Faculty for University of Phoenix in the Central Valley of California, and before that she was the Child Development Director for Early Head Start in Fresno, California. 
She has lived in different parts of California.  She has lived in the Central Valley and on the Central Coast and now she lives here on the Peninsula.  She knows that education is important everywhere because it opens the doors to new opportunities.
Anne's Door is Always Open
Anne’s own door is always open so feel free to stop to say hello.  She will be happy to hear about your experience at our school or to listen to your ideas for how Adult Education can be improved in our county. You can also share suggestions for places to visit and things to do in our area.  She loves water so ideas close to water are always welcome.
Her office is in the SMART Center next to the GED and High School Diploma program.




New! Career Exploration & Self-Development Class for Advanced ESL Students

Do you want to find the best job for you?

Are you enrolled in an Advanced ESL class?

Then the new Career Exploration & Self-Development Class is for you!

In this class you will:

* Explore different industries and careers
* Identify your skills, interests and values
* Learn about educational requirements and training
* Create a vision for your vision
* Develop a plan to reach your goals

You can take the class in the afternoon or the evening.

Afternoon schedule:

     *  Mondays & Wednesdays from 12:30 to 2:30 pm
     * Session I:  August 29 to September 26
     * Session II:  October 3 to November 2

Evening schedule:

     * Tuesdays from 8:20 pm to 9:30 pm
     * August 30 to December 13

For more information contact College & Career Navigator Patty Villar at

Monday, August 29, 2016

SMAS Staff Meet in Retreat for Unity of Mission

On Monday, August 22nd, San Mateo Adult School did something new:

All the employees - ALL OF THEM - met together in a special retreat.

What is a retreat?  It is a special time to stop normal activities and think deeply about something.

Now is a time of big change for Adult Education.  To navigate these changes and provide our students with the best Adult Education possible is not always easy.  It is helpful if we know and understand each other.  It is helpful if we know and understand our students.  It is helpful if we know where we are going and why.  It is helpful if we work in a united way for the same goal

Discussing demographics
So on this day, everyone - EVERYONE - all the administrators, all the teachers, all the staff, all the aides, all the janitors - EVERYONE came together for a special day of thinking and discussion. 
Applauding SMAS
New ACCEL Executive Director Anne Adamson
and ESL Teacher Lisa

With all the new rules and requirements and opportunities for Adult Education, how can we give our students the best Adult Education possible?

Houry, Kelly, Guillermo, Lisa Dolehide

Lisa Sparks, Nita

We had activities to build connection and unity.  Some people were new to our school.  Some people had been at our school for many years.  Some people knew many people.  Some people knew only a few people  We introduced ourselves to each.

Laughing during a game
We played games to get to know each other better - to learn about our programs, what we do, who we are, as individuals and as a school.

Ellen knows the answer!

Former ESL Student & Advocate
and New English Learner Specialist
Marina Kravtsova

We broke into groups to think about what we are doing and where we are going.

We talked about our values. 

What are values?

Values are the things that are important to you.

When you are deciding where to go and how to get there, you must know your values.  You must know what you want, what is important to you.

We took a survey to discover the values most important to us.

The most important value to us was trustworthy.

What is trustworthy?  If someone is trustworthy, you can depend on them.  They are honest.  They are responsible.  They are helpful.  You can trust them.  They are worth your trust.

We divided into groups to discuss SMAS values.

Here are some posters the groups made to represent SMAS values:

What are your values as an Adult School student?

Where do you want to go?

Where do you want our school to go?

These are important questions.

Talk about them with your classmates and your teachers.

Together, we make the future.

To see all the photos from the retreat, click here.

SMAS Garden Club: Grow Your Gardening, English, and Community Skills!

Adult School Garden Club
          - open to all students, teachers, and staff!

Wednesday afternoons, 12:30 to 3:00 pm, meet in Room 40
Farmer's Market Thursdays at 10:30 am

Where you can --
* Learn garden tools, vocabulary, conversation
* Plant and care for nutritious organic vegetables
* Compost (turn food and garden waste into soil)
* Grow plants in a greenhouse and transplant them
* Use garden tools
* Help put on a farmer's market
* Get information on nutrition
* And much more!

Club members will --
* have a space in the garden to care for
* work together to maintain the whole garden
* commit to the club for the Spring season - January to June, 2016
* work at the Farmer's Market on a regular basis

Questions?  Ask Teacher Betty in Room 40
Fresh daisies and kale

Beautiful red onion

Dahlias - pink, white, magenta colors

Fresh peppers


Red berries

Radishes growing in the ground

Martin's apple tree
planted in memorium for
Teacher Martin Doerner

SMAS Students on the 2015 Garden Tour

Apple peppers

Friday, August 26, 2016

Fall 2016 Dates to Remember

Fall 2016 SMAS Dates to Remember

August 23 Tuesday Fall Semester begins!

Week of Aug 29th ESL Differentiation and Job Search Classes Begin

September 5 Monday - Labor Day - SCHOOL CLOSED

September 21 Wednesday - Evening Student Council Forum

September 22 Thursday - Day Student Council Forum and Evening Student Council Elections

September 23 Friday - Day Student Council Elections

October 10 Monday - Professional Development Day - SCHOOL CLOSED

October 11 Tuesday - Day Student Council Meeting

October 12 Wednesday - Evening Student Council Meeting

October 25 Tuesday - Photo IDs - Day/Eve

October 31 Monday - Halloween Celebration Day/Eve

November 8 Tuesday - Day Student Council Meeting and Federal/State/Local Election Day -

November 8 Wednesday Evening Student Council Meeting

November 11 Friday - Veteran’s Day Holiday - SCHOOL CLOSED

... Thanksgiving 1 ...

November 2016 - Canned Food Drive and Warm Coat Drive

November 23 Wednesday - SMAS Thanksgiving Celebration

November 24 Thursday - Thanksgiving - SCHOOL CLOSED Thursday & Friday
December 6 Tuesday - Photo IDs Day/Eve

December 7 Wednesday - Day Student Council Meeting

December 8 Thursday - Evening Student Council Meeting

December 14 Wednesday - Santa Visit - Day

December 15 Thursday - Santa Visit - Eve

December 16 Friday - Last Day of Fall Semester

December 19 to January 6, 2017 - Winter Break - NO SCHOOL

Winter Break Principal's ...