Monday, March 24, 2014

ESL Student Kevin: Attaining Goals with the Help of the Adult School

Evening ESL students participated in an essay contest to celebrate Adult Education Week.

Kevin Orellana, a student in Melvin Ong's Low Intermediate ESL class, shares his award-winning essay here.
How San Mateo Adult School Helps Me

Kevin reading his essay
San Mateo Adult School helps me to accumulate more ideas or to improve my knowledge about the importance of English language in my life.  With the help of San Mateo Adult School, I can definitely attain my goal.  In my future I would like to become a Paramedic because I love to help people and people with special needs.  Now I have the opportunity to make my dream come true.  I am glad that my classmates also play an important part in helping me to succeed in what I want to do and especially the teachers because they know how to motivate me every day to fix my mistakes and my pronunciation in the classroom.  I feel comfortable with the Adult School and I consider this school as my second home.  Without the help of the Adult School, I am not sure that I will be able to accomplish what I would like to do.  With that, I am deeply grateful that I am in a perfect situation to capitalize the opportunity to pursue my education and to enrich my life.

I am very happy that I am able to take advantage of this Adult School who can guide me not only to perfect my English language skills but also to get a better paying job through the education provided by San Mateo Adult School.

Thank you, Kevin, for sharing your essay and inspiring others.

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