Sunday, September 17, 2017

SMAS Bake Sale Hurricane Benefit

Two big hurricanes hit the Southeastern United States and the Caribbean very hard.  Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma brought terrible flooding and catastrophic winds.  Buildings collapsed.  Roads flooded.  People and animals drowned. 

Climate Change has intensified hurricanes - made them longer and stronger.  The damage caused by these hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and other Southeastern states, and the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and other islands in the Caribbean is very bad.  It will take a long time for communities to recover.

Hurricane Irma

Devastation from Hurricane Irma

A family escaping flooding in Houston
from Hurricane Harvey

The SMAS community came together to help these communities.  Some staff and students came together with a plan:  a bake sale benefit.  They held a bake sale on Tuesday, September 12 at noon and in the evening, and another smaller sale at breaktime on Wednesday, September 13th.  Many folks helped in many ways - from baking and donating goods for sale to creating wonderful signs to helping at the sale.   

Together, we raised 2,201 dollars and 66 cents!

This money will help communities recover
and rebuild.  Recovery from a disaster is a long-term process.   There are many things to do. Many things to build and repair.  And people have experienced trauma.  They need time to recover emotionally and mentally as well
as physically.

SMAS Garden Club
donated 100 dollars

For the noon sale, the students of Teachers Mary, Vasyl, and Betty raised funds in their classroom. 

The Garden Club made a special donation of one hundred dollars.

Staff and Students - including Sayaka, Marina, Carolyn, Patty, Mary, Jessica, Yoshie, Cristina, Denise, Pam, Cynthia and others helped to organize and manage the event. 

Cynthia, Sayaka, Marina, and Carolyn 
Delicious homemade empanadas were a real hit

So many treats -
including beautiful
cupcakes made by 
Carlota's daughter

So many staff and students 
contributed delicious 
food for the benefit.

SMASrs pulled together as a community again in the evening for part two of the Hurricane Bakesale Benefit. Teacher Jay and Nang rigged up lights so that everyone could see the tasty selections. Bienvenida, Nilson, and another student volunteered to manage the coffee kiosk.

Betty, Stephanie, Carolyn, Donna, Cristina, Denise, and Guy all helped manage the food and donation line.   People came together to make this good thing happen.

The evening benefit.

SMASrs lining up to purchase treats -
in benefit of Hurricane survivors

Thank you to everyone who turned out with donations of delicious food and donations of money to help communities in need. When we come together as a community to help other communities it's a win-win for everyone. 

The 2,201.66 in donations will go to:

Red Cross:  First on scene with support
Houston Humane Society:  Rescuing large and small animals
Habitat for Humanity Texas:  Rebuild housing for low-income families
Catholic Charities Hurricane Relief:  Helping immigrants recover 

St John Community Foundation in the US Virgin Islands

Special thank you to Teacher Jessica's students for these wonderful signs!

Habitat for Humanity
will help people rebuild lost homes

Marion Thatcher's Fund will help Adult Education
Catholic Charities helps immigrants

The Red Cross is first on the scene with emergency shelters and help

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