Saturday, September 23, 2017

Fall 2017 Election Process and Results

On Wednesday, September 20th, morning and evening candidates shared their ideas for the year ahead with students at a Forum.

Teacher Stephanie introducing evening candidates
Misael, Dimitra, and Eliete

Cristina, Stephanie, Tim, Sayaka
Jackie, Wendy, Adriana, Williams

Misael addressing students

Dimitra sharing her ideas

The morning team 
with campaign signs

Eliete speaking to students

Students listening

The students voted using computers.
Cristina helped students
understand the voting process.

The results were announced.
Waiting for results to be announced in the morning.

Tim announcing the evening winners.

Here are the results of 2017 SC Elections:

Morning Student Council:

President - Wendy Samayoa

VP - Jackie Lhereux

Secretary - Adriana Alves

Board Member - Williams Avelino

Wendy, Jackie, Williams, Adriana

Evening Student Council:

President - Misael Turcio

VP - Eliete Khayali

Secretary - Dimitra Tsotou

Misael, Eliete, and Dimitra

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