Monday, September 9, 2013

ESL Student Council

ESL Student Council

What is it?

It's student government for ESL students.

Through the ESL Student Council, ESL Students can have a voice in decisions about the school, their future, and their money (yes, they have money!). 

They can:
ESL Day Student Council President
• Share ideas and opinions about programs and policies

• Plan special events or projects

• Raise money by selling Student ID cards and other methods (raffles, etc.)

• Spend money on activities, special events, efforts to save and rebuild Adult Education, and items such as a PA system, barbeque grill, tables and benches, and a high definition video camera.

• Participate in and learn about democracy

• Create and strengthen community relationships

How does it work?
There are two ESL Student Councils - one for the day students, one for the evening.
Each ESL Student Council has a President, Vice President and a Secretary.  
Each ESL Student Council has two representatives from each classroom.
All serve a one-year term. 
There is no ESL Student Council in the summer.
Staff advisors help the ESL Student Councils.  Day: Teacher Lisa.  Evening:  Teacher Andy.
There are monthly meetings.

How do elections work?

Students who want to run for office should ask Teacher Lisa or Teacher Andy for an application.
They must submit the application Tuesday, September 17th and attend the mandatory meeting on Thursday, September 19th.

Campaign posters and campaigning:  Monday, September 23 - Tuesday, September 24.

Forums (Students who are running for President, Vice-President and Secretary will present their goals and views):

Evening ESL Students: Thursday, September 19th at 7 pm in the SMART Center

Day ESL Students: Friday, September 20th at in the SMART Center


ESL Day:  Wednesday, September 26th

ESL Evening:  Thursday, September 27th

Do ESL Student Councils really do good things?

Yes!  If people participate, yes, they do!

Democracy means "rule by people."

We need people to make it work.

So how about it...  do you want to run for office?


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