Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Big Weekend in The City

The upcoming weekend - October 6 and 7 - will be a big and busy weekend in San Francisco.

Check out these events - many of them free.

The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival.  This is a free festival in Golden Gate Park.  Our own Toshio Hirano highly recommends you attend the festival and here this real American roots music.  Focus on the music and not the English words, and you may hear similarities between this music and the roots music of your own home culture.

Here's a sample:

America's Cup.  This is a big yacht race. This event is also free - and also crowded.  You need to get a spot on a peir or the bridge or somewhere where you can see the race. 

Fleet Week.  There are many events, including the Parade of Ships, Band Challenge, and Working Military Dogs show -  but the most famous event is the Blue Angels show.  This is also free.  You just need to be in San Francisco to see it.

The Italian Heritage Parade - which used to be known as the Columbus Day Parade.  Sunday, October 7th.

The Castro Street Fair "County Fair" - also free and also lots of music.

There will also be a Niners game and there may be a Giants game.  These events, of course, are NOT free!

;-)  Lol... (laughing out loud!)

But... they will add people and traffic to what is going on... so be sure to come to "The City" on public transportation!

Here is some information on how to do that.

You can also always go to www.511.org for information on traffic and transit anywhere in the Bay Area.

Whatever you do, enjoy the wonderful weather we get in the Bay Area in the Fall -

and keep using English!

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